I'm Google's Favourite Brisbane Copywriter. You Can Be Google's Favourite Something Too... 


In May 2013, I was an Arts graduate living in a new city, with a rapidly-dwindling bank balance.

Not an ideal situation.

Just 10 months later, however, I was a business owner with work booked for weeks in advance.

Perhaps you’re wondering how I achieved this reversal?

Actually, the answer’s pretty simple.

I got a website, and I filled it with something special: the right words. Words for sweet-talking Google. Words for sweet-talking humans.

With the right words, it wasn’t long before my website ranked #1 for “Brisbane copywriter”. And once I was Google’s favourite Brisbane copywriter, the enquiries began flooding in…

The Right Words for Your Business

The exciting news is that you can become Google’s favourite something too.

People are already searching online for the services you offer. With the right words, you can make sure they not only find your business, but choose it, too.

Which is where I come in.

As an SEO copywriter, I write for your business website using the right words – words designed to appeal to Google and humans.

I do this by following a two-part formula.

1)      Through careful research, I select the keywords people use when they search for businesses like yours.

2)      And by immersing myself in your business via a thorough briefing process, I choose the right words to communicate your message and bring clients running to your metaphorical (or physical) door.

We Can Work Together If…

Choosing the right words is a tricky business. So I’ve niched myself as a Brisbane copywriter for services-based businesses. If that’s you (e.g. if you’re an accountant, designer, music teacher, photographer, etc.), then I’m the copywriter for you.  

So, what are you waiting for?

Call me today on 0488 077 931, or send me a message.

I’m often booked out in advance, so act now to secure your spot. 


  • "Emily took the time to understand my business and write copy that captured the true essence of Networkers Referral Group. 10 out of 10 for client satisfaction, Emily!"

    ~ Rose Gibbens, Networkers Referral Group

  • "Emily understood my business and was on the same page immediately. Her editing and copywriting skills have saved me hours and I’m thrilled with the results. Thanks Emily, I’ll be back!"

    ~ Angelique Ahearn, NEEK Skin Organics

  • "If you’re looking for a copywriter anywhere in Australia, Emily is your girl. She’s professional, easy to work with, and delivers quality work without fuss. Plus, she regularly reads my mind regarding what I want!"

    ~ Huy Le, Le Piano Academy

  • "Emily has given my business a voice – and it's exactly what I wanted. All my questions were answered, and every detail I needed was included in the copy she wrote. Thanks Emily, I'll be recommending you to everyone!"

    ~ Lyndal Carmichael, Lyndal Carmichael Photography

  • "Emily simplifies your jargon into a cohesive whole. She understands how language emotes and uses triggers to obtain a preferred response from your target audience.  I will not hesitate to use her services again."

    ~ Ray Dye, ABS Business Sales

  • "Emily researches and formulates articles that are well written, easy to understand, and flow with simplicity for the reader. Her copywriting is excellent, and tasks requested are completed efficiently and in a timely manner."

    ~ Kent and Kylie McDonald, K2 Wealth